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List of oral communications

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  • Reproducible Bioinformatics Project: A community for reproducible bioinformatics analysis pipelines.
    Luca Alessandri, Marco Beccuti et al.
  • Local and national Swiss initiatives towards FAIR data.
    Caterina Barillari, Henry Lütcke et al.
  • Bioschemas, enabling a FAIR ecosystem for Life Science websites.
    Leyla Jael Garcia Castro
  • FAIRsharing: Working with the community to map the landscape of standards, databases and data policies.
    Peter McQuilton, Massimiliano Izzo et al.
  • Cost-based measurement of data FAIRness of public data sources in life sciences.
    Filip Pattyn, Antoon Bronselaer et al.
  • FAIR Bioinformatics computation and data management: FAIRDOM and the Norwegian Digital Life initiative.
    Natalie Stanford, Finn Bacall et al.
  • ICSM bioinformatics infrastructures towards a new frontier: large-scale observational research.
    Danila Vella, Valentina Tibollo and Riccardo Bellazzi.
  • Adopting Open Source Software FAIR Practices.
    Allegra Via, Mateusz Kuzak

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