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Training credits for Italian engineers will be assigned.


List of oral communications (provisional)
The following provisional list includes oral communications accepted so far, ordered by first author surname.
Presentations in PDF will be linked from here, given the agreement of presenters. For available presentations, the icon will be displayed.

  • Reproducible Bioinformatics Project: A community for reproducible bioinformatics analysis pipelines.
    Luca Alessandri, Marco Beccuti et al.
  • Local and national Swiss initiatives towards FAIR data.
    Caterina Barillari, Henry Lütcke et al.
  • FAIRsharing: Working with the community to map the landscape of standards, databases and data policies.
    Peter McQuilton, Massimiliano Izzo et al.
  • Cost-based measurement of data FAIRness of public data sources in life sciences.
    Filip Pattyn, Antoon Bronselaer et al.
  • FAIR Bioinformatics computation and data management: FAIRDOM and the Norwegian Digital Life initiative.
    Natalie Stanford, Finn Bacall et al.
  • ICSM bioinformatics infrastructures towards a new frontier: large-scale observational research.
    Danila Vella, Valentina Tibollo and Riccardo Bellazzi.
  • XTENS as a genomic variants repository for rare diseases.
    Nicolò Zanardi, Massimiliano Izzo et al.