The topics of the joint event include the usual topics of NETTAB workshops.
Moreover, an additional hot scientific topic is summed up for this event.

“Methods, theoretical approaches, algorithms, tools, platforms, practical applications and experiences of FAIR in Bioinformatics”
including, but not limited to:

FAIR concept

  • Specification and revision of components, conceptual issues.
  • Criticisms and review of FAIR principles.
Development tools

  • FAIR Web Services, metadata for FAIR tools, revision of standard formats.
FAIRification methodologies

  • FAIRification best practices and training.
  • Experiences of FAIR methods.
  • Best practices and lessons learned from domains outside bioinformatics.
FAIRness evaluation

  • FAIRness validation and correction tools.
  • FAIR metrics: Levels of FAIRness, FAIRness scores, FAIRness minimal levels.
FAIR environment

  • Integration and interoperation of FAIR data and systems.
  • FAIR and its demonstrated contribution to open science and reproducible results.
  • FAIR principles and practices of research outputs other than data: workflows, scripts, tools, models, training materials, SOPs etc.
  • Surveys of FAIR resources and methods.
FAIR value

  • Examples of FAIR in practice and the benefits of FAIR resources.
  • Related initiatives to FAIR: for example Data Commons and EOSC.
  • The economics of FAIR.
  • Incentives for FAIR stewardship throughout the data lifecycle.

NETTAB Workshop topics
Bioinformatics methods, standards, tools, applications and experiences deployed over Internet, including:

  • On-line databases, software tools, user interfaces
  • Data integration and data fusion platforms, integrated bio-search
  • Grid and clouds applications and platforms
  • APIs and Web Services, workflow management platforms
  • Semantic tools, biomedical ontologies
  • Semantic Web tools, Linked Open Data, SPARQL endpoints
  • Biological Wikis, social applications for life sciences
  • Tools for collaborative development of software, databases and documents
  • Mobile bioinformatics apps

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