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List of posters
In the following list posters are ordered by first author surname.
The following prefixes respectively highlight software demos and flash poster presentations: D , F.

Posters in PDF are being linked from here, given the agreement of presenters.
For available presentations, the icon will be displayed.

  1. D F Interoperable genome annotation with GBOL, an extendable infrastructure for functional data mining
    Jasper Koehorst, Jon Olav Vik, Peter Schaap and Maria Suarez Diez
  2. D F SAPP: functional genome annotation and analysis through a semantic framework using FAIR principles
    Peter Schaap, Jasper Koehorst and Maria Suarez Diez
  3. F ARTENOLIS, the automated reproducibility and testing environment for licensed software
    Laurent Heirendt, Sylvain Arreckx, Christophe Trefois, Yohan Jarosz, Maharshi Vyas, Venkata P. Satagopam, Reinhard Schneider, Ines Thiele and Ronan M. T. Fleming
  4. F Building a FAIR Environment for a Bioinformatics Project using Machine Learning
    Gregory Butler and Tristan Glatard
  5. D scOrange: Single-Cell Data Mining for Everyone
    Martin Stražar, Lan Žagar, Jaka Kokošar, Vesna Tanko, Pavlin Poličar, Aleš Erjavec, Anže Starič, Vilas Menon, Rui Chen, Gad Shaulsky, Andrew Lemire, Anup Parikh and Blaž Zupan
  6. F Implementing FAIR Identifiers in InterMine with identifiers.org
    Daniela Butano and Justin Clark-Casey
  7. Microbial Transglutaminases’ structure and their evolution
    Deborah Giordano and Angelo Facchiano
  8. Detection of the impairment of allosteric regulation in Sirtuin2 proteins through molecular dynamics and residue coevolution analysis
    Serena Dotolo, Sarath Dantu, Angelo Facchiano and Alessandro Pandini
  9. F FAIRsharing: latest developments and future perspectives
    Massimiliano Izzo, Peter Mcquilton, Milo Thurston, Allyson Lister, Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran, Philippe Rocca-Serra and Susanna-Assunta Sansone
  10. D PHIS, a plant science ontology-driven Phenotyping Hybrid Information System
    Pascal Neveu, Pierre-Etienne Alary and Llorenç Cabrera-Bosquet
  11. F FAIRness assessment for UniProt datasets
    Leyla Jael García Castro, Maria Martin and Uniprot Consortium
  12. F A FAIRer ChEMBL website
    Ricardo Arcila, Anna Gaulton and David Mendez
  13. Support open science and FAIRness through an integrated collaborative platform for life science: CyVerse UK and hosted services
    Alice Minotto, Xingdong Bian, Anthony Etuk, Felix Shaw, Nicola Soranzo, Anil Thanki, Simon Tyrrell and Robert Davey
  14. Streaming the Durum Wheat genomic data by means of a new open standard
    Andrea Manconi, Marco Moscatelli, Matteo Gnocchi and Luciano Milanesi
  15. Towards a FAIR Osteogenesis Imperfecta patient registry
    Marina Mordenti, Annika Jacobsen, Manuela Locatelli, Manila Boarini, Mark Thompson, David van Enckevort, Marco Roos and Luca Sangiorgi
  16. i2b2 Ontology curation leveraging clinical notes
    Lorenzo Chiudinelli, Natalia Viani, Alberto Zambelli, Matteo Gabetta, Mauro Bucalo, Arianna Ghirardi, Eleonora Sfreddo, Lucia Sacchi, Carlo Tondini and Riccardo Bellazzi
  17. About FAIRness of microbial resource data
    Paolo Romano

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