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Warning! Due to the collapse of the “Ponte Morandi” viaduct of the A10 motorway, between Genova Ovest and Genova Aeroporto, departing passengers are advised to move to the airport far in advance.

New public transportation services have been implemented.
The ways recommended by the airport staff for moving to/from the airport are reported in the Mobility update page in the airport web site.

Genoa is the regional capital of Liguria, a region in the western part of northern Italy, aligned along the Ligurian Sea, from France to Tuscany.
See the Genoa Wikipedia page for an extended presentation of the city.

How to reach Genoa

Genoa Airport (IATA: GOA), dedicated to “Cristoforo Colombo”, is an International airport built on an artificial peninsula located about 8 km west to the city center.

International connections are available to/from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Munich and Moscow.
National connections are available to Rome, Trieste and to many airports in the South of Italy as well in Sardinia and Sicily.
See the map of destinations and download the timetable of flights.

From the airport to city center:

  • by shuttle bus Volabus
    The Volabus fast shuttle bus, operated by AMT Genova, is a frequent and effective connection between the airport and city center.
    The bus operates daily on the route between the main Railway Station “Genova Brignole” and the airport, stopping at a few intermediate places including the Railway Station “Principe”. The journey takes about 30 to 40 minutes. The bus leaves every 30 minutes in the day time. See Volabus timetable and routes.
    The ticket costs 6 € and it includes a 60 minutes journey on the AMT network (buses, metro, public elevators and funicular railways), in the same day. Tickets are sold both on board and on-line.
    Purchase on line your Volabus ticket up to the day before the trip HERE.
    IMPORTANT: Tickets bought on-line must be printed prior to boarding and given to Volabus staff. Tickets on electronic devices and confirmation e-mail messages will NOT be accepted.
    More info at the Volabus service page.
  • by taxy
    From the airport to city centre the average fare is 40 EUR.

The venue: Villa Giustiniani-Cambiaso

The workshop will be held in the conference room (Aula Convegni, Salone del Piano Nobile) in Villa Giustiniani-Cambiaso, an historic palace designed by Galeazzo Alessi and built in 1548, now the Headquarters of the Polytechnic School of the University of Genoa.
IMPORTANT: Due to strict conservation rules, the location has some remaining architectural barriers, mainly rather steep stairs. Participants with disabilities are invited to inform the organizers in advance for an adequate organization of a special service.


How to reach Villa Cambiaso

Villa Cambiaso is located in Albaro, a green, nice and quiet area of the town, slightly elevated and with a view on both the sea and mountains. Albaro is located in the Eastern part of the city, not far from the old center.
The best option for reaching Villa Cambiaso by public transportation is by bus, lines 15 and 43.
Both buses starts from nearby the “Brignole” railway station.

  • Line 15
    Start from the bus stop ‘BRIGATA LIGURIA 1 / CAPOLINEA’ (code 0789) in Viale Brigute Liguria (five minutes walk from the railway station ‘Brignole’), direction ‘Nervi’.
    Exit at the eighth stop: ‘ALBARO / CAUSA’ (code 0304). Reach the venue by foot in about 5 minutes.

  • Line 43
    Start from the bus stop ‘BRIGNOLE FS / CAPOLINEA’ (code 0153) in front of the railway station ‘Brignole’, direction ‘Ospedale San Martino’.
    Exit at the seventh stop: ‘ALBARO / CAUSA’ (code 0304). Reach the venue by foot in about 5 minutes.

After exiting the bus, you must continue in the same direction of the bus until the first cross. On the left, you’ll see Via Montallegro and immediately at its beginning the entrance to Villa Cambiaso on the right.

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