The main focus of the Seventeenth NETTAB Workshop will be on the study of methods, tools, and platforms for personalized medicine, in the context of “big data”.
Personalized medicine aims at combining heterogeneous data collected from different sources, such as genetic heritage, lifestyle and environmental context, in order to advance disease understanding, diagnosis and treatment, and ensure delivery of appropriate therapies.

In the last decade, it has been spent so much effort on collect and exploit the so called “big data”, extracted from clinical, imaging and -omics data, as well as from electronic health records and mobile or wearable devices.
Today, an open challenge in personalized medicine is going beyond limits given by some technical, ethical and political barriers, to ensure an efficient and reliable use of the “big data” in medical practice.

Of course, development of new techniques for “big data” analysis and the introduction of platforms suitable for data integration, transformation and information sharing, represent the needed tools for defining personalized diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutics guide-lines and models, that could be adopted to improve life-style, treatment and care of patients.

The NETTAB workshop will provide to participants the opportunity of introduce and discuss new methods, theoretical approaches, algorithms, tools, and platforms, with specific reference to the following topics as well as on many other bioinformatics topics, as from tradition of NETTAB previous events.

The Seventeenth NETTAB Workshop main topics are:

  • Data management: Biomedical Big Data Management, Standards for Clinical and Genetic Data, Data Privacy and Security, Omics Data Integration, Biobanks;
  • Data analysis: Omics Data analysis, Genetic Mutation Analysis, Biomarkers Discovery, NGS Data Analysis, Patient Information Analytics;
  • Platforms: Integrated Data Warehouses, Integration of Applications and Data Services, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Healthcare Systems;
  • Tools and Services: Clinical Genomics Services, Models for Clinic and Genetic Data, Mobile tools and applications, Interoperability of Clinical and omic tools, Communication Technologies for Health-Care.

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