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Registration information

On line registration is now closed.

On site registration will be possible at the registration desk.
Check on site registration fees here below


How to register:

  1. Check the workshop fees and available reduction options here below, determine the overall amount you should pay, including the social dinner and tutorial fees
  2. If you plan to pay by bank transfer, make your payment according to instructions below
  3. If you plan to pay by credit card, provide your card information when compiling the registration form. Note that 3% transaction costs will be added.
  4. Fill in the registration form

Registration fees

Early registration
Late registration
Students 190.00 € 240.00 € 290.00 €
Academic 280.00 € 330.00 € 380.00 €
Industry 360.00 € 410.00 € 460.00 €

Tutorial fee is 70.00 € for participants in the meeting (all categories and deadlines) and 140.00 € for people not participating in the meeting.. The number of places is limited: you are invited to register early.
NB! EMBnet has granted 10 free tutorial registrations for young researchers (younger than 35) and students attending the meeting. More information will be made available soon in the Tutorial page.

Social dinner fee is 30.00 € for participants (all categories and deadlines) and 40.00 € for accompanying persons. Accompanying persons may pay on-site.

Early registration deadline is September 21, 2015 (NEW!).
On-line registration will be open until October 6, 2015.

All fees include: attendance to scientific sessions, a printed copy of the proceedings and of the book of abstracts, coffee-breaks and lunches, and the guided tour of Bari.
A discount of 30.00 € will be applied to members of the following Societies, networks and centers:
  • ISCB – International Society for Computational Biology, *
  • EMBnet – The Global Bioinformatics network,
  • BITS – Bioinformatics Italian Society,
  • GI – German Society of Informatics,
  • SIB-ISB – Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics,
  • NBIC – Netherlands Bioinformatics Center,
  • SFBI – Société Française de BioInformatique,
  • PTBI – Polish Bioinformatics Society,
  • SIGBio – ACM SIG on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Biomedical Informatics,
  • ReLiB – Rete Ligure di Bioinformatica,
as well as to researchers of the following Institutions:

  • University of Bari,
  • CNR Institute of Biomedical Technologies (ITB),
  • IRCCS AOU San Martino IST,
and to:

  • NETTAB Workshops past invited speakers,
  • members of the Programme Committee.
* NB! ISCB members paying a registration fee which is higher than 300.00 € are allowed a 10% discount on the fee, instead of the fixed amount of 30.00 €.
E.g., since the on-line late registration fee for researchers from Industry is 350.00 €, the applied discount for ISCB members in this category is 35.00 €.
NETTAB 2015 have applied for being recognised as Affiliated Conference of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB).
If you are not a member of this Society yet, you are warmly invited to
join ISCB today and take advantage of the member discount.

The discount can be applied to members of further supporting Institutes, Societies and projects.
If you are interested, email to nettab.ib.2015@gmail dot com

Payment instructions

You can pay the registration fee either by credit card or by bank transfer, according to the following instructions. Define the total amount to be paid by checking above fees.


  • Provide your credit card information in the registration form. Note that additional 3% transaction costs will be summed up to the registration fee.


  • Give your bank the following bank account data:
    Bank: Unicredit Banca
    Branch: Bari
    Account owner: Meeting Planner srl
    IBAN: IT 21 X 02008 04024 0000 1027 8286
    Cause: NETTAB/IB 2015 <name> <category> <reduction> + dinner + tutorial

    “NETTAB/IB 2015” is a fixed text,
    <name> refers to the registrant full name. It is mandatory.
    <category> is one among: “Student” / “Academic” / “Industry” . It is mandatory.
    <reduction> is one among: “ISCB” / “EMBNET” / “BITS” / “GI” / “SIB” / “NBIC” / “SFBI” / “PTBI” / “SIGBIO” / “RELIB” / “USMI” / “UNIBA” / “ITB” / “KEYNOTE” / “PC”. It must be omitted when none reduction applies.
    “+ dinner” is a fixed text, to be added ONLY if the fee for the dinner is included.
    “+ tutorial” is a fixed text, to be added ONLY if the fee for the tutorial is included; add “only” if you are only registering for the tutorials.
    Example: NETTAB/IB 2015 Paolo Romano Academic ISCB + dinner + tutorials

  • Send a copy of your payment order by fax or email to:
    NETTAB / IB 2015 Secretariat
    c/o Meeting Planner srl
    Fax: +39.080.9905359 / +39.080.2140203
    Email: stella@meeting-planner.it, czonno70@gmail.com (send to BOTH addresses)
  • Compile the registration form to complete your registration.

For any needed clarification or further information, please email to nettab.ib.2015 @ gmail.com .

Conference Secretariat

Meeting Planner srl, Bari, Italy
Web: http://www.meeting-planner.it/
Email: info@meeting-planner.it