The topics of the joint event include the usual topics of IB and of NETTAB.
Moreover, an additional hot scientific topic is summed up for this event.

Bioinformatics for ncRNA (Special Joint Event Topic)
Bioinformatics methods, algorithms, tools, applications for non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) role in genome expression, maintenance and stability, including:

  • NGS data analysis tools, pipeline and integrated platforms
  • Computational approaches and software for the prediction of ncRNA structures & functions
  • Tools and computational methods for the prediction of ncRNA functional interactions & regulatory networks
  • Databases and web-based integrated analysis tools

Integrative Bioinformatics Conference topics

  • Combined dry and wetlab studies
  • Computational infrastructure for biotechnology
  • Computational synthetic biology
  • Computational systems biology
  • Database integration
  • Data visualisation and visual analytics
  • Efficient data storage, comparison and citation
  • Errors and inconsistencies in biological databases
  • Genotype–phenotype linkage
  • Integrative approaches for drug design
  • Integrative microarray modelling and analyses
  • Integrative modelling and simulation frameworks
  • Integrative data and text mining approaches
  • Laboratory information management systems
  • Molecular databases / data warehouses
  • Network analysis
  • Quality and consistency of biological ontologies
  • Prediction and integration of metabolic and regulatory networks
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Tool integration and workflow systems
  • Information Retrieval and Database integration
  • Research Data Publication
  • Virtual cells

NETTAB Workshop topics
Bioinformatics methods, standards, tools, applications and experiences deployed over Internet, including:

  • On-line databases, software tools, user interfaces
  • Data integration and data fusion platforms, integrated bio-search
  • Grid and clouds applications and platforms
  • APIs and Web Services, workflow management platforms
  • Semantic tools, biomedical ontologies
  • Semantic Web tools, Linked Open Data, SPARQL endpoints
  • Biological Wikis, social applications for life sciences
  • Tools for collaborative development of software, databases and documents
  • Mobile bioinformatics apps

Conference Secretariat

Meeting Planner srl, Bari, Italy