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Oral communications

The following list includes all titles and authors of abstracts submitted for oral communication and accepted by the scientific committe.

  • Emanuel Weitschek, Giulia Fiscon, Giovanni Felici and Paola Bertolazzi
    GELA: Gene Expression Logic Analyzer
  • Monika Kurczynska, Bogumil Konopka and Malgorzata Kotulska
    The mirror images in protein structure reconstruction and their energy terms
  • Nicola Prezza, Francesco Vezzi, Max Kaller and Alberto Policriti
    Analysis of capture-based bisulfite sequencing data with ERNE-BS5
  • Andrea Riba
    A combination of transcriptional and microRNA regulation improves the stability of the relative concentrations of target genes
  • Alexander Samsonov, Maria Duk and Maria Samsonova
    The miRNA Action Mechanism Defines Dynamics and Noise Buffering in Feed Forward Loops
  • Maria Samsonova, Konstantin Kozlov, Vitaly Gursky and Ivan Kulakovsky
    Sequence based model of gap gene regulatory network
  • Haralambos Tzoupis
    Effect of mutations to HIV-1 PR . Insights into Drug Resistance and Drug Design: A Molecular Dynamics Approach
  • Alma Dal Co
    First passage time problems in gene expression
  • Daniela Besozzi, Marco S. Nobile, Paolo Cazzaniga, Davide Cipolla and Giancarlo Mauri
    From the inference of molecular structures to the analysis of emergent cellular dynamics: Accelerating the computational study of biological systems with GPUs
  • Alessandro Testori and Michele Caselle
    Role of Transposable Elements in fine-tuning alternative splicing
  • Claudio Angione and Pietro Liò
    Discovering the Escherichia coli nutritional phase space from a compendium of environmental conditions
  • Arnaud Ceol and Heiko Muller
    From genome to molecular networks, a plug-in to map next generation sequencing data to protein interactions and their structures with the Integrated Genome Browser
  • Giulio Ferrero, Valentina Miano, Gianfranco Balbo, Michele De Bortoli, Marco Beccuti and Francesca Cordero
    Integrative strategies for omics data: ERalpha cistrome and epigenome case-study
  • Adane Mamuye, Emanuela Merelli and Matteo Rucco
    Topological SHAPE analysis of RNA structure by persistent homology
  • Kamil Khafizov, Carlos Madrid-Aliste, Almo Steven and Andras Fiser
    Trends in structural coverage of the protein universe

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