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The tutorials will be given at the Department of Computer Science, University of Torino, which is located in the northern part of Turin, in the “Centro Piero della Francesca”. The postal address of the Department is Corso Svizzera 185, but there also is a direct entrance from Via Pessinetto 12 (floor 1).

Detailed information on hot to reach the Department are available from its web site.
See http://www.unito.it/unitoWAR/page/dipartimenti1/D004/D004_how_to_reach1.


The workshop will be held at the Molecular Biotechnology Center (MBC) of the University of Torino, Via Nizza, 52, which is in town center.

See directions on how to reach the MBC in its web site at

Here below, please see the map of Torino and the MBC location.

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