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$title=”From high-throughput structural bioinformatics to integrative systems biology”;

Pay your registration fee before submitting this form.
Please check registration instructions.

Yes, I want to register to the NETTAB [insert_php] echo $year; [/insert_php] Workshop on “[insert_php] echo $title; [/insert_php]”.
I’m therefore communicating the following information (fields marked with * are mandatory):

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  Check carefully your email!
  Use only letters from the English alphabet!
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  Use only letters from the English alphabet!
  Use only letters from the English alphabet!
 Postal code  
*Category / fee   Student (150.00 € within July 31, 2014, 200.00 € later)
Academy/No profit (250.00 € within July 31, 2014, 300.00 € later)
Industry (400.00 € within July 31, 2014, 500.00 € later)
Tutorial only (free)
Reduction   None
ISCB member   
BITS member   
PTBI member   
ReLiB member   
University of Torino researcher   
IRCCS San Martino IST researcher   
PC member
  A reduction of 30.00 euro applies to all above fees for these categories.
 Tutorials   I won’t participate in tutorials
  Tutorials will be held on October 15, 2014. Participation is free.
Please, inform us if you won’t attend the tutorials by checking this box. This information is only used for organization purpose and you can change your decision later, but please inform the organization.
 Social Dinner   I will participate in the Social Dinner
  The Social Dinner will be held on Thursday October 16, 2014.
Participation is NOT included in the registration fee. Its cost is 30.00 € for participants and 40.00 € for accompanying persons.
Participants must include the dinner fee when paying their registration. Accompanying persons are welcome to pay on site.
*Payment method   Bank transfer   Credit card
  Pay your fee by bank transfer or credit card before registering.
Please see registration instructions.
*Payment code  
  The payment code is provided by the payment system when you pay on-line by credit card.
When you pay by bank transfer, please provide here the code given by your bank.
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