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The following list includes all titles and authors of abstracts submitted for posters and accepted by the chairs so far.
Some posters will be presented with 5′ flash presentations. See the detailed scientific programme.

Best Poster Award: all participants will be invited to vote for the best poster. The winner will receive a voucher for books from Springer and an 8Gb USB key from EMBnet.

  • Alban Shoshi, Benjamin Kormeier, Tobias Hoppe and Ralf Hofestädt
    Integrative analysis of drug interactions and side effects on pharmacological and molecular level
  • Maxim Ivanov, Kamil Khafizov and Sergey Kovalenko
    OrphaPRED – functional effect prediction tool for mutations associated with rare diseases
  • Luca Mattiazzi, Ivan Merelli and Federica Chiappori
    A novel molecular dynamics approach to evaluate the effect of phosphorylation on protein structures: the αB-Crystallin case study
  • Antonio Rosanova and Michele Caselle
    Evolutionary model for trascriptional regulatory networks
  • Chia-Tsen Sun, Austin Chiang and Ming-Jing Hwang
    A bi-clustering analysis of species usage of protein domains in completely sequenced genomes
  • Umberto Fulco and Eudenilson Albuquerque
    Electronic Structure of a DNA-like Molecule
  • Manoel Vasconcelos and Eudenilson Albuquerque
    Electronic Properties of Modified Biological Molecules
  • Ivan A. Sciascia, Ferdinando Di Cunto, Alejandro Giorgetti and Marta Gai
    Quantitative analysis of microtubule comets: differences between boundary and inside comets velocity from confocal time series images
  • Oliver Dreier, Rolf Kabbe and Michael Heinold
    Development of a distributed system for dataflow optimization between bioinformatics applications
  • Maria Rita Fumagalli, Matteo Osella, Philippe Thomen, Francois Heslot and Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino
    Speed of Evolution in Large Asexual Populations with Diminishing Returns
  • Arif Canakoglu and Marco Masseroli
    Biomolecular Annotation Data Integration and Identification of Missing and New Data
  • Deborah Giordano, Bernardina Scafuri, Ivana Caputo, Flaminia Gay, Anna Capaldo, Carla Esposito and Anna Marabotti
    Searching for the protein targets of 4-nonylphenol using a computational approach
  • Bernardina Scafuri, Virginia Carbone, Anna Marabotti and Angelo Facchiano
    Molecular simulations for investigating the beneficial effects of food antioxidants
  • Giacomo Baruzzo, Francesca Finotello, Enrico Lavezzo, Agnese Serafini, Roberta Provvedi, Stefano Toppo, Luisa Barzon, Riccardo Manganelli and Barbara Di Camillo
    Benchmarking RNA-seq mapping strategies for paired-end reads
  • Francesca Finotello, Enrico Lavezzo, Stefano Toppo, Luisa Barzon and Barbara Di Camillo
    Reverse engineering the human microbiota
  • Gianvito Pio, Michelangelo Ceci, Donato Malerba and Domenica D’Elia
    Discovery of miRNA-gene regulatory networks by using an integrative data-mining approach
  • G.V.Novikov, V.S. Sivozhelezov and K.V. Shaitan
    Investigation of the influence of the external factors on the conformational dynamics of the Rhodopsin-like receptors by means of molecular dynamics simulation and structural bioinformatics

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