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A one day bioinformatics hackathon organized by ELIXIR
held in occasion of the NETTAB 2016 Workshop

See details and register at http://tinyurl.com/registryhackathon10.

Date and time
The hackathon will be held on Monday October 24, 2016, from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

The hackathon will include the following two main strands:

Biosoftware description using bio.tools and schema.org
This session will provide a forum for knowledge exchange, technical discussions and hacking on the ELIXIR Tools & Data Services Registry (bio.tools) and the bioschemas project (bioschemas.org), with focus on extending schema.org for bioinformatics tools in a way that is compatible with bio.tools.
Participants will self-organise on the day and can pursue any tasks or discussion of interest.
The expected activities and outcomes include:

  • Understand the aims of bio.tools & bioschemas and see how you can contribute
  • Review existing software description models in bio.tools and schema.org
  • Map the bio.tools and schema.org models
  • Come up with a bioschemas bioinformatics software specification and produce a candidate type for schema.org
  • Trial mark-up of bio.tools tool cards (e.g. https://bio.tools/tool/CBS/SignalP/4.1)
  • Explore provision of such mark-up – for use on local sites – as a bio.tools service

Deployment of bioinformatics tools and services through Docker
This strand will provide a forum for knowledge exchange, technical discussions and hacking along the following lines:

All welcome (technical & non-technical people!)
Register by adding your name in the following public document:



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