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E&T session

This is a provisional programme.
This version was created on September 16, 2016, at 5:10 PM.

 14.00-14.30   Introduction to the Special Session on Education and Training 

 Graziano Pesole, ELIXIR-IIB, Bari, Italy 
 Allegra Via, CNR, Bari, Italy 
 14.30-15.00   Keynote Lecture 
     Title to be defined
 Terri Attwood, University of Manchester, Unted Kingdom 
 15.00-16.20   Oral communications 
    Reproducibility and standards: the ELIXIR Training Platform perspective
 Patricia Palagi, Swiss Bioinformatics Institute, Switzerland 
 CHARME, a new initiative for standards training
 Kristina Gruden, National Institute of Biology, Slovenia 
 GOBLET, challenges and opportunities for standards training
 Celia van Gelder, DTL/ELIXIR-NL, The Netherlands 
 Standards in education of bioinformatics – the ideals and practice exemplified by educational programs in Polish Universities
 Malgorzata Kotulska 
 16.20-16-50   Tea break 
 16.50-17.50   Oral communications 
    Data Science Skills for Life Science Research and Industry
 Andrea Manieri, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica Spa, Italy 
 Critical Assessment of Student Programming in Italy
 Lisanna Paladin, Marco Necci, Giulia Babbi et al. 
 Using virtual machine (VM) images in training to increase reproducibility: ideas from the VM&Cloud EXCELERATE workshop
 Eija Korpelainen, CSC, Finland 
 17.50-18.30   Panel discussion 
     Challenges in the training arena in the context of reproducibility and standards in bioinformatics
 Chair: Erik Bongcam-Rudloff, EMBNet and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden 
All session speakers attending, comments and questions may follow.



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